About Us

Our Story

Pro Roofers offers complete and outstanding commercial and residential
roofing solutions. Based in Belleville NJ, we specialize in most common roofing materials, roof repairs, maintenance, and inspection services. 
We work on a customer-centered philosophy. We believe in inspecting and
understanding your roof then maintaining constant communication with you
about our actions. We strive to use our roofing expertise and experience so
that we exceed and succeed in your expectations.

What We Offer

We at Pro Roofers treat your roof with respect and care it deserves and make
it your pride and joy. We use the best materials from top manufacturers and
which are covered by a solid warranty.

We Understand Requirements

We first carry a thorough roof inspection to understand and decide on the best roofing treatment.

We Work Precisely

We do not waste time and offer precise quotes and estimations for your roofing project as possible. We also make sure your roof is safe and ready to use as quickly as possible.

We Deliver Best Output

We work at providing the best results, far more than your expectations. Pro Roofers make sure your roofing investment is well worth it.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

Just call us or send an email NOW for a free consultation about our Residential and Commercial roof repairs, replacement, maintenance, and inspection services.

Our Expert Team

We have an expert team of roofers ready and at your service all the time. Our
skilled, loyal, experienced, and hardworking crewmen strive to provide you
with the roofing you desire. No roofing project is impossible for Pro Roofers!